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Sales Assessments

Have your team assessed today and see your sales results skyrocket tomorrow

There could be a number of reasons why your sales team is not reaching their targets.

A complete sales assessment will determine them for you.
Identifying the gaps is critical before any changes are made. Assessing your sales, offers you a great starting point for moving forward with your sales team in terms of their strengths and weaknesses is a starting point. Equally important are things, such as strategy, key performance indictors (KPI's) and targets as well as skill sets and sales processes.

Individual or Group Assessments

Xsell does not believe in short-term fixes, or second best. Xsell needs to consider several factors such as the micro and macro environment specific to your company, the current market, the level at which your company is pitching, sales team personalities and skills, and key performance indicators. Having a sales expert look at your business from an outsider's perspective can give your business insight, to set you on the right path of increasing your market share. We are so passionate about assisting others that we OFFER a complimentary Sales Assessment.

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Sales Processes and Reporting

Xsell has successfully reviewed and improved many sales processes and reporting structures. The aim is to become more efficient, increase communication between staff, clients and stakeholders, as well as decrease overheads. Xsell can review KPI's, sales targets, reporting processes and sales processes.

Mystery Shopping

Xsell can conduct “mystery shopping” through either mystery calls or visits to the premises. These are not designed to 'catch people out'; this is a tool to identify the strengths in a team member that can be highlighted and any areas of concern that may need coaching.

Xpression - Profiling

Xpression has been specifically developed by Xsell and tested over the past 12 years. The idea is to get a grasp of someone's strengths, and where they work best at, which areas they "xsell" in and which areas may need developing. The Personal Profiling form is not a test, instead it offers insight into the personality of the sales individual.

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