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Finding the Right People

Only 15% of people can sell and 5% can cold call - let us help you find them

Hiring the wrong sales person is expensive for any business.

Xsell's recruitment services

Xsell is a niche recruitment agency that works with clients to find sales people.

Finding the right people to deliver the sales you need to grow your business is not always easy. Knowing what it takes to consistently reach targets takes a certain person with a focus on recruiting only the best sales people

How is Xsell's recruitment process different

To start with we only recruit sales people. We are able to recruit:
Sales Managers
Sales Executives
Sales Representatives
Territory Managers
Bsuiness Development Managers
Technical Sales Representatives
Internal Sales
Account Managers
Sales Support

How we recruit the best
Xsell has a large network of sales people around Australia.
All candiates are assessed using the Xpression profille to identify their sales abilities.
Candidates are put through a rigerous interviewing process.
Candidates are skilled assessed.
Xsell identifies candidates organisational cultural and values fit.

EMPLOYERS: Profile and Recruitment Enquires

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Xsell has worked with some of Australia's leading organisations, and our recruitment process goes further than most companies including profiling to find you the right candidate. Our in-depth understanding of human behaviour and sales skills, we are confident that we can assist your organisation with providing you with sales professionals who can sell.
What sets Xsell apart from other companies is our experience in sales, the ability to identify behaviour, and our desire to provide our clients with A-class candidates and not just 'bums on seats'.
Recruiting the right people is critical to your sales success and by finding the right people you will save time and money. Research has shown that most people decide on their recruit within five minutes of the interview; hiring someone because you like them, or on “gut feel” does not guarantee your results. On average, a sales person will take six months before they will start to bring in their targets. Can you afford to pay someone a salary for six months, only to find you have hired the wrong person?
Xsell is the only professional recruitment company in WA that specialises in sales recruiting (and business development). We understand sales, we have over 25 years industry experience in sales, and we know sales people.

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