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Xsell is passoniate about sales and sales results.

Xsell is Australian based, working with companies and organizations from across the globe. Xsell has assisted hundreds of companies nationally and internationally to increase their sales effectiveness through a synthesis of coaching, training and modern sales techniques.

We specialize inactivating your sales team to be the most productive it can be.

The team at Xsell utilizes only proven methodologies from the fields of neuro-linguistics, behavioural science, communication, emotional intelligence and sales techniques that work. Its not magic... its a combination of science, organizational psychology and sales know how.

We don’t mind getting our hands dirty. When the profits of your company are at stake- we work until we see solid results.

We provide you with the strategies and tools that help you take that quantum leap from ordinary to extraordinary.


No cookie cutter approach... works! Lets face it, no two businesses are the same and no two salespeople are the same, so in our view no two strategies are the same. We begin by starting a conversation, investigating the issues and analyzing all aspects of your business and the performance of your sales team. Every potential client - receives a free consultation to assess what is needed.

Bottom line is Xsell is the foremost provider of Sales Coaching in Australia, because we offer a mix of sales training, sales coaching and business development strategies custom designed for each and every company and/or organization we consult. We coach and or train sales teams in groups or individually. Offering cutting edge assessment tools to identify our clients’ strengths and weaknesses, you can be confident that the service and experience you receive will be second to none. Guaranteed!

Some of our core areas of proficiency include business sales training and sales coaching, sales recruitment and business development strategies to local, national and international organisations. Our leadership program has been designed to maximise your effectiveness as a leader and influence those your lead.

With over twenty-five years of sales training & coaching experience, our credibility within the market has long been established and our methods validated by thousands of clients we have assisted across a number of industries. Our methodoligies for achieving results are unique and are tailored to meet the needs of the organisation. Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say. our passion with others and improving their results is our aim. If you are determined to improve your sales results, and achieve your best, then be proactive and call us now.


An increase in effectiveness, results in a more motivated workforce which is bound to increase sales results. See More !


Giving our clients tangible results by developing their people professionally to maximise their potential. Learn More !


We will do this by continually learning, acquiring knowledge and experience and sharing it with our clients.


Xsellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Achievement, Meaningful Work .

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John L Kirkby

"Xsell have been excellent at mentoring and training my staff to be better sales people and more balanced and rounded individuals in terms of attitude, professionalism and confidence. Xsell have also been instrumental in identifying, recruiting and developing new sales staff."

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