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National LifeStyle Villages

Xsell began by undertaking a gap analysis as well as sales assessments of the current team.

By performing several mystery shops at each location, and meeting with sales team managers, Xsell were able to plot out the strategy to increase sales.

Xsell then carried out extensive and tailored group sales training as well as individual coaching. The sales team at National Lifestyle Villages is a seasoned team with experience in a variety of sales disciplines. Therefore the design of the training focused on increasing conversion ratios. The training concluded: telesales training, understanding the four buying and selling types, presentation skills, the psychology of sales and models of influence using linguistics.

All training was followed up with one on one coaching and shadowing. The process of shadowing allowed the individuals to gain more insight into the implementation of the training and gain feedback from the coach.

Xsell also worked to create a job design for the call centre and recruiting staff. In designing the job role the focus of the call centre change from being reactive to being very proactive in generating leads and making outbound calls. The success of this change has resulted in increased “walk ins” into the villages. A key outcome of Xsell’s work with National Lifestyle Villages is that conversions from enquiry to appointments are higher.

Xsell’s involvement with National Lifestyle Villages has been so successful that a new contract was recently negotiated to increase Xsell’s hours.

And the work doesn’t stop here. When Xsell partners with your business, we are there every step of the way to support you in achieving your goals. Anna Zammit regularly meets with the key stakeholders at senior level to gain understanding of business strategies and track the progress of sales so that they meet the strategic goals of the organisation .

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