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Telesales training was needed for company to reach its strategic goals.

For any company, expanding operations in an economy that has been affected by the Global Financial crisis is not easy. Even for companies that insure against the unforeseen, expansion and growth can be obstructed by various factors uncontrollable to management and staff.

Reluctance to spend and customer uncertainty are just a couple of constraints that the insurance industry faces. In question is how organisations, such as insurance companies, can increase the number of clients who commit to insurance policies? Is staff development needed, or is it something else required?

Sales can be hindered by having sales staff that are not trained in relationship or organisational reputation. Things can be made worse if the sales staff do not understand the sales process and its direct impact on customers. Do not forget that reputation is a perception of character. Having untrained sales staff can directly impact the reputation of not you’re your product but also your business.

Here is a relevant case study.

Xsell was introduced to a well established Perth based insurance company after conducting a presentation regarding Telesales at an annual telecommunications conference. Xsell won over the director’s confidence by demonstrating an understanding of not only Telesales, but by articulating its holistic competencies of the sales industry.

Upon commencing work with this insurance company, Xsell learned that its goals were to expand to the eastern states to enable full growth potential. After changing its name, creating a new brand image and establishing its reputation this insurance company found its sales staff were unable to fully capitalise on new sales opportunities.

Before training began, Xsell conducted a series of mystery shops to help determine the underlying issues facing the company’s sale staff. Quickly it was recognised that most of the sale staff sold on price only. They failed to build rapport , identify the needs & wants to then offer the best product and solution for the customer. Selling only on price does not meet customer’s needs and can hinder business growth.

Also, some of the sales team had different levels of development. While some sales staff exceeded sales targets others never reached their own. Training needed to be skillfully written to capture the interest and attention of the more senior sales staff, but also remain basic enough to be understood by those with less experience.

The training material was designed with Telesales in mind. Time was spent helping sales staff understand and utilise telesales tools. These skills enabled the sales staff to become fearless at cold calling, enhancing their negotiation skills and fundamentally asking the right questions to gain the most information from customers .

Additionally, Xsell outlined the sales process and gave meaning to practiced techniques that some sales staff never knew they were doing. This indicated to Xsell that these staff members where conscious incompetent. Meaning, they were aware of their actions but didn’t know its impacts. Xsell worked with these staff members to help them become unconscious competent, otherwise know as working by good habits to achieve their goal.

Time was taken to coach and mentor the sales staff to further reinforce the topics taught. Xsell even sat next to them and listened in to “live” conversations to further develop the sales team.

Xsell believes that it is important that every client is treated like our only client. Going beyond the expectations of our client and ensuring that the training material is successfully implemented, Xsell does not walk away when the training is completed. The transfer of knowledge is the most critical step in any training process, until that time Xsell doesn’t rest. We call it sales fitness. Keep your staff sales fit and it will pay off.

Guaranteed sales results happen when sales skills are applied and engrained in the sales team. Great strides were made with our client and expected growth target have been exceeded.

If you are looking to expand your operations into Telesales, or need to become more effective behind the phone, Xsell guarantees results.

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