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Sales increased by 249%

The GFC presented a very fierce, competitive market to insurance suppliers. Despite its importance, health and general insurance is commonly seen as a ‘grudge’ purchase by consumers and often takes a back seat on the list of financial priorities when times get tough.
The team at HBF have a wealth of experience with the ups and downs of the insurance game. HBF have always prided themselves on being extremely customer focused, and committed to providing the best possible products and services to their members.
However, even WA’s market leading health and general insurance provider for 65 years needed to prepare for increasing competition and a market downturn. It needed strategies for maintaining and increasing its market share as well as skilling its workforce to maximise opportunities.
So they called Xsell.
Xsell’s unique, tailored approach to sales training and vast experience in sales management was utilised within HBF. Xsell trained over 350 sales staff, giving them the skills required to sell insurance, and close more sales. Nine programs were delivered to different parts of the organisation to cater for different sales functionalities.

Xsell reviewed both the face to face and the telephone sales processes for HBF, coaching the leadership group in the best ways to increase their results overall.

After working with Xsell, HBF went on to increase their sales by 249%. The results speak for themselves. Xsell can develop a strategy for any sales requirements you have.

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