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"Statistics show that 98% of people who work alongside a coach achieve breakthrough results in thier personal and business lives"

What are you waiting for?

Coaching has become recognised as a powerful and effective way of enhancing skills.

How does coaching work?

There is a difference between coaching and training. Coaching specifically addresses the immediate needs of the individual, while Training delivers critical material to an audience. Having your own personal Sales Coach is like a sports coach who will build your knowledge, teach you how to build strengths and give you techniques that will put you in the forefront of sales. Coaching focuses on the individual and provides a one one one relationship.

How is Xsell's coaching different?

Xsell uses cutting edge technologies from the areas of neuro science and human behaviour to deliver results to clients. Xsell's coaches are qualified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Promgramming), Psychology, Leadership and Organisation Change as well as Myers Briggs Accredidation and Neuro Sematics.

To work with Xsell coach means, an expert sales professional will work side-by-side with you to advance your sales results and your career.

Just like being coached in preparation for a big game, coaching isn’t a quick one off session, it requires fine tuning and practice. Your coach will work with you to increase your sales, challenging your current behaviours, build your self awareness and teach you the skills and techniques that will give you a competitive advantage. The job of the coach is to ensure you reach your full potential.

Your personal coach will work closely with you to expand and develop your sales competencies and maximise your sales results.

Some of your coaching may include:

Sales Assessment and Feeback Learn to use your brain - Changing mindsets Sales Strategies
Unconscious motivators Cold Calling Influence and persuasion 
Rapid rapport buidling Fears and limiting beliefs Sales leadership
Building relationships Account Management Territory Management
Lead generation and sales pipelines Managing Time and selling more Listening to the unsaid
Improving  Models of change Sales structures and processes
Improving sales margins Strategic sales planning Communication

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