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Asset Management Company

This Perth based company, is privately owned and has been in operation for ten years. In that time, the business experienced organic growth rather than strategic growth or forecasted growth.

The company provides consulting services to companies with large asset facilities, including mining, power, water and gas.

Xsell was approached to work with the company to increase sales as it had set its new targets at 25% increase in revenue on a yearly basis for the last five years.

Xsell commenced this project by delivering Myers Briggs Type Indictor. The strategy was to make the team more aware of team dynamics and how each of them contributed to the overall success of the company. As the consultants are at the forefront of client interface, it was important to give staff an understanding of human behaviour and how they would need to adjust their behaviour with clients who were different from themselves.

Xsell also worked with the business development team with the focus of increasing business from its current client base and also increase client numbers. Of particular focus was entering the market in Queensland as this was seen as a potential growth area, in particular in the gas industry. The business development team received one on one coaching as their sales needs and experience differed and Anna Zammit worked with the individuals to ensure they maximised every lead. Through coaching the team has learnt how to give presentations that are impactful, ask for referrals and cross sell their services

The company has now a team of people working in Brisbane as well as experiencing growth in Asia and Australia.

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